Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cornucopia of Thanks Blocks

Getting back to my Cornucopia of Thanks BOM, I finished 2 blocks this month ~ the assigned block plus another as I'm making my quilt king sized.

Circle of Friends
Marti Michell, Designer
Cornucopia of Thanks, Pattern by Jennifer Chiaverini
I thought I would work ahead on this one and get some of the cornerstones and sashings done.  I'm really loving working with this pretty fall fabric line.  It is called Bittersweet by Nancy Halvorsen.

Until next time . . .

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Love of Fabric

It comes as no surprise that quilters love fabric.  And although I have a large stash, I'm always tempted by the new fabrics that are introduced each season.  The other day I went to The Quilted Garden http://www.quiltedgarden.com/ which is my local quilt shop and one of my favorites.  There were a few things I needed for a project I'm currently working on and before entering the shop had a talk with myself that I would only buy what I needed for this project. 

Well . . . . you know how it goes . . . . even though you have the very best intentions, it is just so hard to resist many of the beautiful fabric collections, especially when shops like The Quilted Garden have a way of displaying them that make them so appealing!

As I was at the cutting table with the batiks I needed for my project, I was visiting with Marggy about quilty things and as she started cutting, I noticed a very pretty, cheery group of fabrics by Riley Blake.

This line is called Willow, and I just love the softness of the yellows with the gray and cream, and because I recently redecorated my bedroom in these colors, I just knew I had to find a quilt pattern and take enough of these fabrics home with me to make a quilt!

Of course, I couldn't leave without getting some coordinating charm packs of this fabric line, too!

Sooo pretty!

I left the shop with not only the batik fabric I needed for my project but also a new quilt pattern and enough of the above fabric to make the quilt, which I'm happy to say that I've already started to cut and sew.

The moral of this story is that no matter how much I tell myself that I should only get what I need, there will always be something out there that I know I can't live without.

This little cartoon pretty much sums up me in a quilt shop

And when my husband is with me, I know he is probably thinking this very same thing . . . but never says it out loud.  If he did, however, I'm sure my response would be the same as the lady's in the cartoon : )

Until next time . . .

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Special Blocks from Special Friends

I belong to a Yahoo quilt group with some of the most special ladies I have ever known.  This group is appropriately named Friendship Block Swap.  We do various block swaps throughout the year as well as activities like a Secret Santa gift exchange, etc.  It's a very enjoyable group to belong to for many reasons.

One of the main reasons is the genuine friendship these ladies generously give.  Keep in mind that not to many of us have ever met face-to-face; yet, for me, many of them are my most special friends.  Every year we have a Signature Block Swap that I usually participate in.  I signed up this year prior to finding out that I needed to have cervical spine surgery.  Not knowing then how long I would need to recuperate, I thought I would have time to sew my blocks.  Unfortunately, I was wrong about that and had to drop out of the swap.

Last week I got a package in the mail, and I couldn't figure out what it was.  Then, I opened it and to my surprise were all of these beautiful quilt blocks signed by the maker.  Together they make a striking quilt.

This is just one example of how kind and caring these ladies are.  Even though I couldn't participate in the swap, they made blocks for me anyway and surprised me with them.  When I opened the package and saw what they had made for me, it brought tears to my eyes.  It's such a great feeling to know that in a world where there is so much fighting and hatred, that there is also kindness.  I am very fortunate to have found this group of ladies and have made many special friendships.  I am blessed.

Until next time . . .

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Applique Progress

As fall has begun here in the USA, I've been doing more and more hand applique.  Several months ago, I started Sue Garman's Sarah's Revival pattern and decided it was time to get back to it.  This week I finished block 3.

It felt good to be working on these blocks again.  I had forgotten how enjoyable it is to just sit down and stitch without having to stop to add another piece.  With these Sarah's Revival blocks, all of the prep work is done in the beginning so once you start stitching you can just keep going ~ it's just so much fun!

I'm also working on another 2 fabric applique quilt, Judy Garden's Dutch Treat.  We are doing these blocks in my Yahoo group, Applique Boutique, as a block-a-week activity.  Every Monday 2 blocks are assigned and are due by Sunday.  This is a good way to challenge us and keep us motivated to get our blocks done.  We are all enjoying stitching these little blocks.  Here are the two blocks I completed this week:


As you may or may not know, I am a big fan of Kim McLean's patterns.  Every once in awhile I can't help myself and have to check out Glorious Applique to see what's new in both Kaffe Fassett fabrics and Kim's patterns.  Even though it is not a new pattern, I am really drawn to Stars and Sprigs mainly because it is a mix of both piecing and applique.  Well, this past week I broke down and purchased the pattern and so far have finished 3 star blocks and 1 applique block:
I'm having fun coordinating Kaffe Fassett's beautiful fabrics for the stars and sprigs and while I probably should be working on others things right now in my sewing studio, I just can't resist making a star or two every day!
Until next time . . .