Monday, January 9, 2012

Quilt Bindings

I've finished quilting a T-shirt quilt that I am making for a friend and am now stiching down the binding and so looking forward to having it finished.

I enjoy everything about quilting with one exception . . . bindings! I don't mind sewing the binding to the top with my sewing machine but having to stitch the binding to the back is another story. You would think that since I love applique and hand stitching that I would enjoy this process. I guess for me it takes me forever and it is just so boring because neither the shape nor the fabrics change. I don't care for bindings that are machine stitched to the back because, IMO, a hand stitched finish gives a much cleaner finish. With that being said, I will have to find a way to enjoy this process a little more than I currently do!

1 comment:

  1. Listen to an audio book at the same time. That's what I do.