Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dutch Treat

A few months ago I started working on a quilt from the book titled Dutch Treat by Judy Garden.  The name of the quilt is Deft Delft and is made from reverse or recessed applique blocks that finish at 4-inches.  Some of them are very challenging and some not so much, but all are very enjoyable to stitch.  Here are some of the blocks I've finished in the last few weeks:

Cherries was pretty simple and then there was Napa Valley, which was challenging for me.

Napa Valley

When I first looked at Sunny Day, I thought it would be very challenging but once I started stitching it, I found that it wasn't difficult at all and a fun block to stitch.  I loved doing the embroidery work : )

Sunny Day
Here are two blocks that I really enjoyed stitching, first is Violets . . .

and second is Dandelion.
I think stitching any kind of flower design is one of my favorite things to do : ) 
Both of these were very easy and fun to stitch.  I really enjoyed the design of Singleton.
I've saved my most favorite block for last, and it's called Wooden Shoe
Wooden Shoe
There are several reasons why this one is my favorite so far . . . it has flowers and embroidery but probably the most important reason is that it is a symbol of my heritage ~ Dutch.  As I stitch these pretty little designs I am reminded of the pretty blue and white dishes my grandmother had as well as many vases and knick knacks around her home.  This is comforting to me.  And, this quilt, when finished, will always be treasured for this very reason.
Until next time . . .


  1. Debbie, you do such lovely work, and are a real inspiration!

    1. Thank you, Pat :) I am enjoying stitching these little blocks!

  2. Beautiful, love your fabric choices!

  3. Very pretty...absolutely love the blue and white!

  4. Hi Debbie, I'm writing a magazine article I plan to submit to The Quilt Life about Dutch traditions, and Dutch style blocks or quilts made from Judy Garden's book Dutch Treat: 196 Applique Blocks Inspired by Delft Designs. I'd like to mention you in the article and include one or more photos of your quilt blocks, with your permission. If you're interested please contact me at Thanks!

  5. Hi Debbie this looks delightful. What fabric did you use for these blocks and what size are the blocks when finished?