Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday Deals!

I love this time of year as it kicks off the holiday season here in the USA.  Today is known as Cyber Monday and online stores across the nation are offering great deals.  In addition to my regular holiday shopping for family and friends, I always like to check out some of my favorite online quilt shops for deals . . . not that I really 'need' anything!

Here's one of the first things I found today at a great price at Shabby Fabrics:

It's a cute little table runner kit for only $35!!  The kit includes everything you need to make the table runner, including a blue Micron pen.  I know I have tons to do, but my fingers are just itching to start this!  You can get to Shabby Fabrics web site by clicking HERE

The next place that has amazing Cyber Monday deals is Quilt in a Day.  The sales there are too numerous to mention so click HERE to check them out for yourself.  One of the best deals they are offering are 45 mm rotary cutter blades starting as low as $1.60 USD ~ this would be a great time to stock up for the year.  There are other amazing deals and it is worth the time to check them out!  REMEMBER:  This sale is only good through today, November 26th.

I also wanted to share Judy Niemeyer's sale on her website.  She is offering some of her beautiful patterns for only $3.00 USD!!!  What a savings!  To check out the deals Judy is offering click HERE
This is just one of Judy's beautiful patterns on sale ~ there are many to choose from.

Lastly is the sale at the Fat Quarter Shop.  Now through November 29th, they are offering 25% off your entire order.  Click HERE to get the promotion code.

Please know that I have no affiliation with any of the above.  They are just shops that I have ordered from in the past and have always gotten good service ~ so . . . . I wanted to share that with you today.

Until next time . . .

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