Saturday, December 1, 2012

Having fun with Holiday Ornaments

I really love this time of year.  There's a fresh new excitement in the air as we get closer and closer to celebrating the holidays with family and friends.  Each year I like to find 2 or 3 holiday ornament patterns to decorate our Christmas tree as well as share with my family.  For me, it is as much fun making them as it is sharing them.

This year, I found a neat pattern for making Origami Stars.  There are many elaborate origami stars out there, but I decided that simple is better. 

I added little jingle bells to the top of each star for fun.

Then, I found a really cute pattern for crazy patch stocking ornaments in Jinny Beyer's Christmas book called Christmas with Jinny Beyer. 

This is an older book that I've had for years and not sure if it is available anymore.  It has a lot of neat ideas in it for holiday decorating from quilting to knitting as well as other cute ideas.  Jinny's crazy patch stocking ornament pattern is pretty small so I decided to enlarge mine by 25%.  This turned out to be a nice size.  And, a good size for adding Christmas goodies.  I also embellished mine with little holly leaf buttons. 

This weekend, I plan to put of our tree!


Until next time . . .

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