Monday, April 2, 2012

Design Wall Monday

I thought it was time to get back to my Farmer's Wife blocks so over the weekend, I sewed and cut out more blocks.  This morning as I was playing around with them on my design wall . . . well I should say the computerized design wall . . . I wanted to try out different sashing and border options. 

The fabric I bought for the border is from the Ruby line, and I like the red floral.  Since I don't want this quilt to be too 'busy' I thought that the gray colors from the line would make good sashing and second border choices.  Actually, the fabric I will use for the second border is this one:

And for the sashing thought that this would be a good choice:

I originally purchased this one for the sashing but as I am sewing the blocks I'm thinking that it may be too much red especially with the red border . . .

but then again the gray swirl inner border will break it up a little . . . decisions, decisions!

Stay tuned . . .



  1. I like the gray. Did you do this in EQ?

    1. I think I will go with the gray, too. I put the blocks together as a collage in Picnik which is a free photo editing software. You can do all sorts of things with photos. It's fun!

  2. Your FW blocks are so beautiful. I adore your fabrics and the colors. How fun to "design" your quilt with the sashings too. Happy quilting...

    1. Thank you! These fabrics are a lot of fun to work with and very different from what I've used in the past. I really enjoy the designing, too :)