Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Quilting Frames

Finding a good hand quilting frame that works for you is definitely trial and error.  I have taken the advice of many of my quilting buddies and purchased products based on that advice.  Well . . . as you know, what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another.  So, here I am having been making quilts for 20+ years and I still haven't found a hand quilting frame that I like.

Hinterberg Floor Stand Hoop
I have 2 types of Hinterberg frames ~ a sit upon lap hoop and a floor stand hoop.
Hinterberg Sit-Upon Lap Hoop

I have trouble getting comfortable with the Hinterberg Lap Hoop while sitting in my favorite chair.  I've found that you really need to be sitting on firm chair for it to work . . . at least that has been my experience so far.

The Hinterberg floor stand hoop is nice; in fact, I think it is actually a pretty piece of furniture.  You can tilt it in any direction depending on how you like to hand quilt.  However, I have the same problem with this hoop as I do with the lap hoop, and that is the fact that I can't sit in my comfy TV chair.

I heard that Jasmine Heirloom Quilt Frames are good so I checked them out.  I ended up purchasing this one:

Jasmine Easy Spinner Hoop
They call this hoop the 'Easy Spinner' because at the base it has a ball and socket type of mechanism so you can spin it in any direction while you are quilting.  This is a nice feature and so far this has been my go to hoop for hand quilting.

Even so, I still find myself looking and hoping to find the perfect hand quilting frame.  Some ladies in my quilting group really like the Grace Z44 frame.  It is a 'no baste' frame and folds almost flat for easy storage when you're not quilting.

Grace Z44 Hand Quilting Frame
This one appeals to me not only because it adjusts for king, queen, twin and crib sized quilts but also because it is a no baste frame.  To better explain all the great features of this frame check out this video:

But even with this frame I'm left with the fact that I can't sit in my comfy TV chair when quilting.  I'm beginning to realize that this is somthing I need to accept if I want to continue hand quilting my quilts.

If anyone knows of a good hand quilting frame that is 'no baste' and allows you to sit in an easy chair, I'd love to hear about it.

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  1. Have you thought of having the quilt basted by a Long-arm Quilter? It wouldn't cost much, and then you could get right to the quilting without worrying about basting. With the basting already done, you could use a lap frame and enjoy sitting in your comfy chair.

    1. What a great idea! I had never thought of having my long-arm quilter do this for me. Thanks so much for the tip :)

  2. Can you will purchase Jasmine frames, I have been looking for one

  3. Just purchased a beautiful spinning hoop at a thrift store. It's missing one brass turn screw. Does anyone know where I can get part?

  4. Are you interested in selling your Hinterberg Lap hoop since you are not satisfied with it. If so, I would like to know if you would sell it. thank you for your time.

  5. Do you still use your Jasmine Spinner ... I am looking to purchase the "hoop" to attach to my existing Grace Company quilting stand. My BFF gave it to me with a gigantic hoop. OUCH.