Monday, March 19, 2012

Design Wall Monday

I often browse through various technique videos hosted by Bernina USA on The Quilt Show.  A few months ago, I found one that really interested me called Bite Size Quilting.  After watching the video, I knew it was something I wanted to try.  Instead of quilting in 'sections' you quilt each block separately using your machine's embroidery module.  My machine came with various quilt block designs, so I found one that I liked and started quilting my blocks. 

The blocks I chose to work with were ones that I had from a recent block swap.  The theme of the swap was black & white with a touch of red and we were to make 6-inch (finished) sized blocks.  I received some really great blocks and wanted to get them put together into a quilt, so decided to use these blocks for this new technique.  With swap blocks, I also had signature squares so planned a quilt backing accordingly.  I played around with different setting designs using EQ7 and came up with one using an alternate block in between the swapped blocks.

Although it took some time, doing the quilting on each block separately was easy to do . . . I just had to get them layered and hooped and then attach to the embroidery module.  While my machine was stitching out the design, I worked on another piecing project.  I felt like I really accomplished a lot as one quilt was being quilted while I pieced another.

Here's how the quilting turned out on the swap blocks:

Here's the quilting on the alternate blocks:

And here's how the backing quilting looks on the signature blocks:

When you're ready to sew the blocks together, you keep the seam allowances to the back, press them open and then cover with ribbon or bias tape.  I chose a red bias tape as shown above.  If you are interested in seeing how to do Bite Sized Quilting you can check out the free video by clicking HERE

I have all of the blocks and border pieces quilted and now just have to sew them all together.  I'm liking how this quilt is coming together and I'm pretty sure that I will finish more of my quilts using 'bite sized quilting.'

Until next time . . .



  1. I saw a show on that once. Yours is turning out great! Love the alternate blocks.

  2. I love the quilting on the swap blocks. Nice pattern.