Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lap Quilting

I first became interested in quilting in 1986 after finding out about Georgia Bonesteel and her lap quilting technique.  I have always enjoyed sewing and wanted to make quilt blocks but the thought of having them all together and then having to layer with batting and backing intimited me.  So, finding out about lap quilting was exactly what I needed.

This is Georgia Bonesteel's first book on lap quilting and it is all you really need to learn her method.

Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel
More Lap Quilting with
Georgia Bonesteel
New Ideas for Lap Quilting
Georgia Bonesteel
After the publication of this book in 1982, Georgia published 2 more books on lap quilting.  All use the same technique but there are different patterns in each book as well as pages with templates that you can trace and use for your piecing.

I enjoy lap quilting and while I don't use it for all of my quilts, it is a great choice for others.  I have started quilting my Vintage Valentine blocks using this method. 

A group of quilting friends and I are setting aside Fridays to finish quilts, and I started quilting my first Vintage Valentine block this past Friday.  It took me a little time to get the block marked and basted so I didn't get too much quilting done but it is a start:

Next Friday I will continue work on this and in the meantime start marking the next blocks.  Please note that I had to take the fabric covered buttons off for quilting.  These will be replaced in the middle of each flower and the center of the tied ribbons when the top is complete.

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